Desperate Coding.

This is the Legion of the Desperate Programmers.

About Us

Here at the Legion, we work tirelessly to create rust free code. We have no mercy on bugs. We have conquered 2 projects and we are ready to smash through 1 more. Our Github Profile is our dominion. This website is our castle. Our file folders represent our subjects; our code editors are our officers. is our court of justice. Our keyboards are our soldiers.



A Windows Web Server made just for the fun of it. See it on Github

Invisible Ink

Now you can hide spoilers - in CSS only. See this also on Github

Desperate Coding Website

You are viewing it right now! Why not also view it on Github?

Krypt Illogical

This project aims to make a program that will make cryptographic computing logical.


Whatever we've touched

Goodbye, World